20 Sep

Hey Everyone!

For my PR class, we have been working on marketing plans and promotions for SCVNGR, and SCVNGR U – the smart phone apps that are as fun as a game! You can check in places, play challenges, earn points, and eventually get discounts at your favorite places. SCVNGR U is geared more for college campuses and students. The point of it is for students to get familiar with their campus and the businesses offered on it. Stickers are posted in the windows of participating businesses with the SCVNGR logo, so it is easy to know where to go and get involved. It’s a fun way to get to know your surroundings! SCVNGR has been successful in college campus tours, during orientation week, and during homecoming events.

This service-learning project we are taking part in will be very important and effective for my public relations career. I will gain first-hand experience about the ins and outs of PR for the first time! We will be acting as the public relations team for SCVNGR as well as for local Morgantown businesses. We will be doing everything for the businesses so that they are worry free, just like a real PR firm! SCVNGR is a fast-growing gaming application and future employers will realize this and note my credibility.

For more information on SCVNGR, you can check out the Facebook or Twitter page!



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